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Tea bowl - eye of the universe

Invitation to the Exhibition

Tianmu ceramics
Exhibition in Einsiedeln on 27 and 28 April 2024

Tianmu ceramics are also known as Tenmoku in Europe. It is known as the "pupil of the galaxy", the eye of the universe, in which light teems like stars. Holding a Tianmu bowl in your hands allows you to sense the sparks of the future and embrace the universe.

This art tradition, which originated in a monastery in southern China around a thousand years ago, has deep spiritual roots. Lo Senhao from Taiwan, a practising Buddhist and a renowned contemporary artist of the Tianmu bowl, endeavours to let his understanding of Dao flow into his work. Through his works, the viewer gains an insight into ancient Chinese art and the facets of Dao.

The Tianmu exhibition in the traditional Einsiedeln monastery is a cultural bridge between East and West. What both spiritual sources have in common is that they transcend the boundaries of time and space, that they unite the human with the divine and connect the heart with the cosmos.

Shui Tang would like to invite all those interested to break the eternal cycle of everyday life and join us on a journey into the soul.

Venue: Large hall in Einsiedeln Abbey. 8840 Einsiedeln. Admission free.

Time: Saturday/Sunday, 27/28 April 2024, 10 am to 5 pm

Finissage on Sunday, 28 April: lecture at 3 pm.

Gongfucha tea ceremony at 4 pm.
Musical accompaniment by Jürg Fuyuzui Zurmühle (www.shakuhachi.ch)